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This wiki is for describing the characters, episodes and subsequent manga and game adaptations of the anime series Cluster Edge.The wiki is community driven, so please help the wiki grow in any way you can.                           

About Cluster EdgeEdit

Cluster Edge is about a young man named Agate who lives in a world where artificial soldiers were once made to fight wars in the place of humans. The artificial soldiers were emotionless and many did not consider them to be human. Now that the war is over, many people want the artificial soldiers to be exterminated. 

Main 4

Chrome, Agate, Fon, and Beryl

The characters of Cluster Edge aim to free the artificial soldiers from the fate that people want them to have. As Agate travels to the academy that will become the main setting of the story, he will discover that there is a powerful force inside him that has the ability to make miracles happen.

Genre: Science fiction, military

Anime directed by Masashi Ikeda, manga written by Wan Komatsuda 

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This wiki is still in a beginning stage. Simple things such as character pages are currently being added.