Chrome is a rebel artificial soldier. He was given memories by Chalcedony and now travels with a few other

Chrome points his gun

artificial soldiers around the country. Throughout the series, he and the members of his team are attempting to become more human. He is motivated even as the human's despise him. 


Chrome has honey brown hair that falls to his shoulders. He usually has it tied back. He wears a black jumpsuit with metal armor, a belt with gun holsters, a purple cape, a large sword on his back. Since he is alpha class of the artificial soldiers, he does not have blonde hair. 


Chrome, Agate, and Beryl in fanart


Chrome is mistrustful of humans since many have been cruel towards him. Since meeting Chalcedony, he has been able to express more and more emotion. Despite the fact that he was once emotionless, by the end of the series he is able to show sadness and selflessness. 

He is very independent yet loyal to those that matter to him. Chrome's team seems to have a great respect for him.


Strength- Chrome is very strong, so he has to hide his strength as to not reveal that he is an artificial soldier. 


Agate- Although he at first wanted to kill Agate, they became friends. This may be because he saw Chalcedony in Agate. They develope a strong friendship.

Beryl- Chrome becomes Beryl's roommate when he comes to the academy. Beryl's apathetic personality deters people from becoming his friend, so they are not close friends. 

Fon- Fon and Chrome become friends at the academy. They seem to get along well. 

Chalcedony- Chalce gave Chrome memories of him being Chalce's younger brother. Chrome is loyal to Chalce and although the memories are not real, he still thinks of Chalcedony as his big brother. 

Chrome's Team- Chrome's team loyaly follows him. They respect what he says and follow his orders. 

Hematite- Chrome recognizes Hematite when he attempts to make an attack. Due to him being Chalcedony's friend, he let's him be. 


Unlike other characters, Chrome's name is not a mineral. Chrome means color. 

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